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Clann Credo has launched a €50 million Community Impact Loan Fund to mark over 20 years of lending to community projects. As well as affordable interest and repayment rates, there are extra benefits included in the offer. Community and voluntary organisations, charitable groups and sports clubs have big ideas of how to transform their communities, but finance can be an obstacle to making this happen. Clann Credo’s aim is to ensure that any group who could avail of Community Loan Finance knows how Clann Credo can help them and that finance should not be an obstacle to them. Between 2007 and 2013 Clann Credo provided over €34m to 319 LEADER projects, creating, sustaining, and supporting almost 3,000 jobs.

Why Clann Credo?

  • Affordable interest and repayment rates
  • No Personal Guarantees required
  • No application forms
  • Experienced, regionally-based staff - Dublin, North East, West, North West, Midlands, South
  • Community impact of project an important consideration in your loan request


Bridging Loans

LEADER Grants are paid following submission of receipts for works completed and paid for. Clann Credo can provide you with a Bridging Loan to pay for works done on your project allowing you to claim the LEADER Grant. The Clann Credo loan is repaid when your project receives the LEADER Grant.

Match Funding Loans

The LEADER Grant process may require you to show your organisation has sufficient match finance (own funds) to cover the cost of the project. Clann Credo can provide you with a Match Funding Loan if your community group doesn’t have enough reserves to avail of the LEADER Grant. Clann Credo’s repayment terms are flexible.

Other Benefits from Clann Credo


- FREE 1 year membership for The Wheel (umbrella community group support network)

- FREE Financial Health Check for your organisation

- FREE places on Specialist Workshops for your volunteers and staff

- Access to a range of extra benefits from our partner organisations, The Wheel and TrustLaw.