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Our Partners

Clann Credo works in association with a number of organisations in the Community and Voluntary Sector:

Social Finance Foundation 
The Social Finance Foundation (SFF) was established in response to proposals made in a number of reports.  These reports, initiated by Clann Credo, recommended the promotion and the development of social finance in Ireland by enhancing the level of resources available for social finance lending. 
An Taoiseach, Brain Cowen TD, when Minister of Finance, announced in the 2006 Budget, the Government’s intention to spearhead a social finance initiative.

Initial seed capital funding of €25m was provided to the SFF by the banking sector through its representative body, the Irish Banking Federation (IBF). These monies have significantly increased the funding available for lending at affordable rates for social finance projects. In 2009, the SFF concluded a new, 12-year loan agreement with the country’s retail banks. This will see €72 million in loan finance being provided to SFF over the coming years.

The SFF does not lend to individual projects and borrowers; it is a wholesale fund which provides loan capital to Social Lending Organisations, including Clann Credo. As an approved Social Lending Organisation, Clann Credo borrows funds from the SFF for onward lending to projects.

The Wheel 
The Wheel is a support and representative body connecting community and voluntary organisations and charities across Ireland. It currently has over 850 member organisations.  
Fundingpoint.ie: Funding and Grant Information for Charities
Fundingpoint.ie is the one-stop-shop website for funding information for the community and voluntary sector in Ireland. Developed by The Wheel, Fundingpoint.ie contains comprehensive details for hundreds of funding schemes from a variety of sources, including central and local government, EU funds, independent trusts and corporate grants. 
It has a range of online tools for tracking down funds as well as guidance on how to fundraise and links to a huge library of other resources.

A Special Offer is open to Clann Credo clients and includes the following:
(a)50% discount on Fundingpoint.ie membership for organisations that become clients of Clann Credo for a one year subscription. 

(b)50% discount on Wheel membership for a one year subscription for organisations that borrow from Clann Credo. 

Dublin Employment Pact 
The Dublin Employment Pact (DEP) is a non-profit company funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan. Established in 1998 under an EU-supported initiative to tackle employment and development issues in the 
Dublin region.

Clann Credo has commissioned a number of reports in conjunction with Dublin Employment Pact including “In the Common Interest – The Case for Social Finance in Ireland”. Clann Credo and Dublin Employment Pact have recently commissioned a report on “Developing and Supporting Social Enterprises in the Dublin Region”, this work is due for completion shortly.

WESTBIC is the official EC Business & Innovation Centre in the Border, Midland & Western region of Ireland providing tailored support to innovative enterprise through the initial stages, from concept to commercialisation. Established in 1987, WESTBIC is a specialist provider in the Government's portfolio of supports to indigenous industry, supported under the National Development Plan.

Clann Credo has developed a Co-operation Agreement with WESTBIC in the Border, Midlands and West Regions.  This Co-Operation Agreement involves a commitment to promote the work of the other organisation as a partner and seek opportunities to add value to the range of supports available to the community sector through a range of supports.

Roscommon Partnership 
Roscommon Partnership in conjunction with Clann Credo and Roscommon based Credit Unions has developed the Roscommon Social Finance Fund.  Tracey Hannon, Social Finance Executive West and Midlands Regions sits on the evaluation committee of this fund which evaluates applications for loan finance (under €20,000) from Credit Unions in County Roscommon.  Requests for larger amounts are considered by Clann Credo.