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Community loan for Wicklow Regatta Festival

The Wicklow Regatta Festival was first staged in 1878 and is mentioned in James Joyce’s novel, Ulysses. It runs over two weeks leading up to and following the August bank holiday.  Over the years it has progressed into an eclectic festival encompassing, arts, heritage, community and sport with over 36 events having taken place in recent years. The Festival gives a large boost to the town, economically and socially and involving locals as well as attracting interest from around Ireland and overseas. 
In an effort to increase the profile of the Festival and to secure its continued existence, the committee have identified the need to increase spend on its digital marketing. Working with County Wicklow Partnership, LEADER funding was awarded for the purchase of equipment as well as the redesign of the website and development and implementation of a social media campaign.
“The Wicklow Regatta Festival engaged with Clann Credo in 2019 to obtain bridging funding to enable us to receive a grant allocation. Without the funding we would not have been able to receive the grant.
We found the application process with Clann Credo was relatively straight forward and we were able to reuse a lot of the same documentation required for the grant so the bureaucracy was greatly reduced. As a voluntary organisation this was most welcome.
The communication with Clann Credo was very good and there was never a problem with contacting them directly. It was also clear from the outset what was required by us from them and when. The cost of the bridging finance was very modest.
Without them we would not have been in a position to go ahead with the grant. I would have no hesitation working with them again if the need arises.” John Goodman, Chairperson, Wicklow Regatta Festival.
Festivals are an important part of community life, forging fond memories and creating community bonds in addition to the economic benefits. Grant aid from County Wicklow Partnership under the LEADER programme together with loan finance from Clan Credo worked wonders for this community festival.
County Wicklow Partnership is a member of the Irish Local Development Network which represents Ireland’s 49 Local Development Companies (LDCs). Since its launch in 1991, the LEADER programme has helped rural communities across the European Union to actively engage and to direct the local development of their area, through community-led local development. Find your Local Development Company HERE.  

Location: Wicklow


"The communication with Clann Credo was very good and there was never a problem with contacting them directly."