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Community loan for Thomastown Community River Trust

The medieval village of Thomastown, Kilkenny sits close by the River Nore and its development over time has been heavily shaped by that historic body of water.

In the modern era, much of the town’s sporting and leisure activities have been centred on the river.

But in 2008 when the Thomastown Weir stopped functioning virtually all this activity ground to a halt or was forced to move elsewhere.

Thus, water safety groups, kayakers, anglers and others were forced to relocate, while some groups ceased using the river as an amenity and local children began swimming in unsafe areas.

In response the Thomastown Community River Trust was born and a plan devised to repair the weir and develop it further as a community resource for local groups and those in surrounding areas.

In addition, redevelopment would facilitate the growth of other water-based activities in the area, helping to draw in visitors and creating potential for new employment.

The Trust’s plan won the support of local authorities other key bodies and secured support from LEADER and Clann Credo.


Location: Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny