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Community loan for Spring Lake Anglers' Club

Spring Lake Anglers' Club was formed in 2012 to facilitate fishing on the lake for members of the community. Since its formation, the club has developed areas around the lakeshore for anglers to fish from and has purchased several boats for anglers to use. The club restocks the lake with rainbow trout on a regular basis to ensure sustainable fishing and to cater for its growing membership.
With excellent water quality, the lake has the potential to host international competitions. However, efforts to bring an international competition to the lake had been hampered by access issues. So, the club set about improving road access and parking facilities. With assistance from Monaghan Integrated Development, the club got a grant through the Rural Development (LEADER) Programme and then approached Clann Credo for a bridging loan to enable the drawdown of their grant.
The club now has improved access to the lake which will open up the lake for increased community usage. It also puts the club in a great position to secure an international competition which would be a great boost for the locality!
“We were introduced to Clann Credo by the Angling Council of Ireland (ACI). What we believed to be a complicated procedure became very straightforward due to the help and guidance from Mr. Tony Marshall, we received endless support and guidance from Tony that proved invaluable to our club.
The communications with Clann Credo were very good and there was never a problem with contacting them directly. It was also clear from the outset what was required by us from them and when. The cost of this bridging finance was very modest to our Club of limited funds.
To obtain bridging funding enabled us to receive our grant allocation, without the funding we would not have been able to receive the LEADER grant and our new access road project would never have been completed.
Spring Lake Anglers would strongly recommend Clann Credo to anyone thinking of using their services and rate them 10/10.”  Paddy Keenan, Spring Lake Anglers Club Secretary.
We wish the Spring Lake Anglers every success in their dual task of protecting and developing the lake!
Monaghan Integrated Development is a member of the Irish Local Development Network which represents Ireland’s 49 Local Development Companies (LDCs). Since its launch in 1991, the LEADER programme has helped rural communities across the European Union to actively engage and to direct the local development of their area, through community-led local development. Find your Local Development Company HERE

Location: Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan

"Spring Lake Anglers would strongly recommend Clann Credo to anyone thinking of using their services and rate them 10/10."