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Community loan for Revamp 3R Furniture Store

 Where others saw only waste, the Revamp 3R Furniture Store saw enterprise and opportunity. In its four short years of existence, the project has saved over 100,000 kilos of used furniture from local dumps. Often the furniture was of high quality and in need of simple repair and refurbishment.

Their core philosophy is simple: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The enterprise is embedded in the local community, creating up to 15 jobs and producing quality, affordable furniture for the local market. This support is illustrated by the thousands of pieces of furniture delivered to their premise, rather than the local landfill.

Revamp has also developed a high popular furniture restoration service. Revamp has worked closely with a supportive local business community – and even brought multinational giant IKEA on board. That company operates a ‘take back’ returns policy which uses to assist Revamp and similar initiatives nationally.

Having conquered the furniture market, Revamp has turned its attention to the white goods sector in Longford and its environs. A community survey revealed huge support for such an initiative, with 85% stating they would donate used white goods and purchase refurbished items, while local businesses were similarly enthusiastic.

In addition, visits were made to successful white goods recycling initiatives, in both Dublin and Belfast, to learn from their experiences. The project is run in partnership with the flagship Employment Development Information (EDI) in Longford. The benefits of the project to the local community are clear: high quality. Low cost goods are produced, jobs are created, waste materials are efficiently recycled, local skills are enhanced and income is generated from within the community’s own resources. 

Location: Mastertech Business Park, 11A2, Athlone Road, Longford