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Community loan for Mullingar Town Band

And the Band Played On!
For the residents of Mullingar and very many across the region, the Midlands town would be a far quieter and less joyous place were it not for the presence of the Mullingar Town Band.
Established in 1879, the band has evolved over many decades, becoming the Mullingar Town Band during the 1960s and developing a somewhat unique, dual prowess as both a marching and a concert band.
Over successive generations, countless young musicians have passed through the ranks of the band, benefiting from its tuition and training and developing that deeper sense of community that naturally evolves from participation in such local initiatives.
Indeed, no community occasion would be complete without the sound of the Mullingar Town Band!
And that it should enjoy such strong local affinity is perhaps not surprising in a town possessed of such a rich musical heritage. How many similarly sized regional towns could boast of artists of the calibre of Joe Dolan and Niall Horan?
The Band currently has some 120 senior and junior members and aims to double that number over the coming years. Membership and tuition costs are kept low and supported by fundraising initiatives that enjoy strong community support.
However, one impediment to further growth was the lack of a suitable premises, with the band’s existing facility dating from the 1950s. This less than ideal structure had a roof that was prone to leaking, had asbestos present and lacked disabled access.
A significant upgrade of the premises was planned in order to deal with safety and access issues, cater for increased membership and provide better tuition and training facilities. The Band was successful in getting a LEADER grant and the work was carried out with both bridging and term loan finance from Clann Credo.
Not only have we helped to ensure that the Mullingar Town Band will be playing on for some time yet, there has also been unexpected new use by the Health Service Executive (HSE) and Westmeath Community Development! Great social dividends from a great local project!
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Location: Mullingar


"The Band was successful in getting a LEADER grant and the work was carried out with both bridging and term loan finance from Clann Credo."