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Community loan for Leitrim Sports and Recreation Development

A lack of adequate facilities will test the commitment of the most devoted sportspeople. Energy and that initial enthusiasm can bring individuals and clubs only so far, before people tire of sub standard amenities and equipment.

Equally, the chances of cultivating a steady stream of eager participants - the lifeblood of any sporting pursuit - is maximised by offering good facilities. And sport is critical in the evolution of young communities, helping to develop the connections that will secure and bind it over the years.

In common with other communities, Leitrim Mor - close to Louhgrea in east Galway - saw a rapid growth in population over recent times, rising by 26% in just nine years. But there was no similar mushrooming in the facilities available.

Leitrim Sports and Recreational Development was a founded in 2011 as a community response to this problem and to address the critical lack of parking at the local national schools and resultant safety issues for children.

Following consultation across the community, the group devised a plan that would address a range of deficits in both the sporting and recreational spheres and see development of: an astro turf facility, a multi use car park, a children’s playground and a safe access route for children.

Agreement was secured with four local sporting groups that would see them share access and use of the astro turf facilities, while fundraising and support initiatives ensured the ambitious development was firmly rooted within the local community.


Location: Co. Leitrim