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Community loan for Kildare Arts in Context

Kildare Arts in Context is nothing if not innovative when overcoming obstacles. The group was established to bring the arts to the wider community and to individuals that might not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy them.
The first obstacle they encountered was the lack of good quality musical instruments for those who wished to learn and play and the prohibitive cost of their supply.

So they devised an ingenious solution - create a Music Bank, with members borrowing and using the instruments as required. Among the instruments to be included were: Pianos, violins, double bass, marching drums, trumpets, double horn, copper kettle timpani and staging materials.

It would also house the necessary staging and amplifications equipment. Purchase of was costed at €26,614.35.
The Music Bank was to be managed on behalf of a wide range of musical and performance groups in the Newbridge area.

Funding secured in the form of a LEADER grant. However costs must be incurred before any grant can be drawn down.


Kildare Arts in Context was confident it could overcome this latest obstacle by securing bridging finance.

However, the bank they approached thought otherwise and rejected their application. The group now faced the very real prospect that their innovative initiative would come to nothing and their ongoing work could be fatally undermined.


Following consultations with LEADER, the group contacted Clann Credo. Having assessed their plans, Credo was happy to provide the support required and the innovative Music Bank became a reality.

Location: Newbridge, Co. Kildare