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Community loan for Irish Kennel Club

Excessive amounts of dogs in Ireland are being impounded and put to sleep each year, a staggering fact contributed by families who are not properly informed about the animal they are adopting. Because of this, non-profit organizations like the Irish Kennel Club (IKC) promote the responsible ownership and breeding of dogs throughout Ireland through education, registration, training, support schemes and events. Its mission is to advance the health, breeding and sport of purebred dogs and promote responsible dog ownership.

The IKC provides useful guides to living with a dog, the cost of dog ownership, buying an dog, choosing the right dog as well as information on the legal requirements of dog ownership.

One of the key things responsibilities of dog owners is microchipping. Under the Microchipping of Dog Regulations 2015 all dogs must be microchipped and registered with an approved Dog Identification Database. IKC host the largest of these databases (PetData) which currently has over 200,000 dogs registered. These databases help to find the owners of lost dogs and save them from being impounded. Along with this, the Irish Kennel Club runs hundreds of events and activities for members each year, including exhibitions, agility tests, and working trials.

When the IKC was seeking funds in order to upgrade their IT Systems, Clann Credo was glad to help. These new IT Systems assist with the recording and tracking of dogs, membership, events and disaster recovery for the official registered database of Ireland’s dogs.

We have no doubt that the Irish Kennel Club will help to educate dog owners and develop dogs into happy, loyal and well-behaved companions for years to come. 

Location: Fottrell House, Harold's X Bridge, Harold's Cross, Dublin 6W, Co. Dublin