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Community loan for Irish Autism Action (IAA)

Nobody knows how many people are affected by Autism in Ireland. In other countries - such as the UK and the US - the prevalence rates for children with Autism are known and monitored.

But the absence of such basic information here makes it virtually impossible to provide for the needs of those with Autism, let alone build a clearer understanding of the condition and how it might be treated.

For affected families, it can be a frightening, isolating experience, particularly when there is nowhere to turn for support and information.

Into that vacuum stepped Irish Autism Action (IAA), set up in 2001 by parents of children with Autism. From day one, as the name indicates, the IAA has been an active and highly effective national campaign group.

It has successfully placed the needs of children and affected families on the public and policy agenda. Equally, it has provided crucial support to families, along with key diagnostic services, through its Solas centre.

The IAA has also developed a network of pioneering Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) schools.

And while it has a well-developed fundraising capacity and network, such is the level of need that the body requires support from other sources.

In 2010, the IAA approached Clann Credo seeking financial assistance for two key projects - a long overdue study on the rate of Autism in Ireland and the hosting of a major international conference in Dublin, aimed at developing a European plan for Autism.

It was clear that both projects would contribute enormously to the IAA’s work. Equally, they would have a wider social benefit by allowing for better design of early interventions while learning from best practice elsewhere. 

Location: The Friary, Cool Road, Multyfarnham, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, N91 WC67


"From day one, as the name indicates, the IAA has been an active and highly effective national campaign group."