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Community loan for hOUR Timebank

Despite centuries of philosophical debate and scientific enquiry, humanity is still no closer to grasping the true nature of time.
Perhaps the only point on which we agree is that it remains our most precious commodity. Nonetheless, there are some physicists who contend that time itself is little more than an illusion.
That argument is unlikely to find much favour in West Cork, especially amongst the organisers and membership of the hOUR Timebank initiative, which has developed something of an expertise in how to maximise time usage, as part of local and community development.
Established in 2017 following earlier West Cork experiments with community time banking, the hOUR Timebank sees participants bank and exchange time credits across the broad membership.
To paraphrase that oldest of sayings, in West Cork time has quite literally become money. More significantly, this newly-minted currency is then invested in improving lives and communities across the region.
The hOUR Timebank system takes place by way of a dedicated website on which the more than 150 registered participants indicate requests for help, along with the services they offer.
It has been characterised by a high level of professionalism from inception. Organisers secured charitable status for the initiative, adopted a strong governance code and ensure compliance with both Garda vetting procedures and data protection best practice.
The hOUR Timebank has been supported throughout by West Cork Development Partnership (WCDP), Cork County Council and corporate grants. After early success as a digital and online venture, the establishment of a physical presence and meeting space - a community hub - was seen advantageous for ongoing growth and development.
A premises was secured in Skibbereen in order to ensure greater local visibility, enhance social contact and facilitate a greater number of ‘time’ exchanges between participants. The community hub, with the premises acting also as a retail charity shop, has helped provide an additional income stream.
Strong local support for the project was evident in successful fundraising to sustain the low overhead and fully volunteer led new venture. Clann Credo was also happy to support this ambitious and highly-innovative form of community enrichment. For further information about timebanking, please take a look at

Location: Skibbereen


"As a relatively new nonprofit, hOUR Timebank appreciates that Clann Credo supported our step of starting up a community hub with a loan, and that you have been flexible … during this financially trying time. We thank you for your support and confidence in our approach to strengthening community resilience’. Steven Kelly, Trustee, hOUR Timebank."