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Community loan for Hook Tourism

Hook Tourism is a wonderful example of community achievement. Formed over 50 years ago, this voluntary group is seen as a standard-bearer for the rural tourism movement and the drive to maximise the potential of the local environment.
From the outset, the focus of this innovative group has been on the protection and development of local resources and raising awareness of the area’s rich heritage; Bannow Bay where the Normans landed in 1169 and the Hook Lighthouse erected in the same century. The lighthouse was opened to the public in 2001.
Over the years Hook Tourism has undertaken restoration projects, initiated an annual seafood festival and developed sporting events as well as guided heritage tours of the area. The group also runs a tourist office and maintains a website highlighting local attractions.
In the course of its work, the group provides training and employment opportunities for people in the area.
One of the most ambitious projects undertaken by Hook Tourism is the restoration and operation of the Colclough Walled Garden Project at Tintern Abbey, on Wexford’s Hook Peninsula. The Abbey dates from 1203 and was once home to the Cistercian monks. It has proved a major draw for visitors to the region.
The restoration project will see this magical walled garden reopen as an organic fruit and vegetable garden, which will be open to the public. Apples, pears, plums, nectarines, peaches, cherries and apricots will be grown as ‘wall fruit’, while a number of original fruit specimens that have survived the ravages of time will be nurtured.
This project was supported by Clann Credo because of the very clear social dividend it provides to the local community, in terms of employment opportunities and the development of key local resources.
Clann Credo also provided Community Loan Finance to two other Hook Tourism projects, enabling the group to access funding under the LEADER and FLAG programmes through the Local Development Company, Wexford Local Development. To find your Local Development Company, go to the Irish Local Development Network's directory HERE.

Location: Tintern Abbey, Saltmills, Co. Wexford


"LEADER funding, and then being able to actually access it because we had Clann Credo as a backer, is what has made the difference to us being able to take on and realise the larger projects."