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Community loan for Glenealy Village Hall

For almost 70 years the Glenealy Village Hall has hosted every conceivable form of community activity, celebration and service. From sports to ballroom dancing, from drama classes to further education, card drives to childcare and, of course, birthday parties. 

Since it opened in 1954, the hall has echoed almost nightly with the vibrant sound of a community living and growing together. 

While the facilities were augmented with an extension in 1999  to house an IT Centre that helped to shift Glenealy Hall into the digital age, the years had taken their toll and it was clear an upgrade  was required. 

Of particular concern was the lack of adequate insulation and the absence of energy efficient windows and doors. While remedying the problem would require an investment, this would be repaid many times over in savings on heating costs and give the ageing hall a new lease of life. 

There was also an obvious social dividend to this work, which was crucial in attracting Clann Credo’s support for the project. This included the maintenance of local employment in the Hall and the increased functionality of this vital resource for all age groups across the community. 

There’s new life in the old hall. 

Location: Glenealy, Co. Wicklow


"There’s new life in the old hall."