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Community loan for Fumbally Exchange

The ‘enterprise culture’ will not magically end unemployment or spur stagnant economies back to vibrant life.  Not everyone without work can transform into a thriving entrepreneur and not every enterprise is guaranteed success.  But by creating an ‘enterprise ecosystem’ we can better harness creativity and talents that might otherwise go untapped.  Such was the thinking behind the establishment of the Fumbally Exchange in Dublin, in 2010, where people could access shared supports and resources and avail of space in which to test new ideas.  It was set up by architect George Boyle as a ‘creative hub’ in which fellow architects and those in related professions could pursue their own projects or join others in shared ventures. 

The Fumbally Exchange - more commonly known as FEx - bravely opened its doors at the height to the worst recession in living memory and, moreover, a recession that took a heavy toll of the architectural and similar professions.  Organised on a not-for-profit basis, the initiative was driven by a vision of enterprise in the service of the wider community, with work that focused on urban regeneration projects and the enrichment of wider community life, through enhancement of the built and lived environment.  Very quickly FEx outgrew its original space and sought support from Clann Credo to relocate to a more suitable premises and enhance the services and supports offered to participants.

Born as response to adversity, FEx has now established itself as a byword for edgy, urban creativity within a thriving enterprise that delivers maximum social impact. 

Location: 5 Dame Ln, Dublin 2, D02 HC67