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Community loan for Claregalway Day Care & Sheltered Housing

As services across rural Ireland retreat to the larger population centres, older residents are particularly vulnerable to being isolated from the wider community.
And the older the age profile of an area, the higher the risk.
Recognising and responding to such a need within their own community saw local groups establish the Claregalway & District Day Care Centre, in 2011. Studies and surveys had shown there were some 4500 people aged over 65 living within a 10km radius of the north Galway district.
Working closely with local active retirement organisations the establishment of the day care centre was prioritised, with the centre acting as a hub for provision of services and support to the older population and a focal point for social activities.
Card games and bingo sessions were held in the centre, while dinners and a laundry service were also available to those who attended. The centre also provided a bus service for those with transport difficulties.
The centre proved a major success and helped ensure that many older people could continue to live independently, while also providing invaluable respite for carers and families.
However, it became clear that some older residents also had accommodation needs that could not be met through existing local structures and plans were drawn up to develop 14 dedicated social housing units, on a site donated by a local farmer.
The new development would also include an entirely new day care centre with state-of-the-art facilities.
In partnership with the Western Alzheimer’s Association, the aim was to provide both day care and accommodation services for dozens of older people with a range of needs, in the Claregalway area and beyond. The project was supported by Clann Credo, given the strong social dividend and local impact that it delivered.

Location: Claregalway


"“Without the assistance of Clann Credo we wouldn't be where we are now." Geraldine Carr, CDDC."