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Community loan for Caha Centre

It would be well-nigh impossible to place a monetary value on those physical structures known generically as ‘community centres’.

Sometimes they are high-tech, state of the art developments, sometimes they are little more than a draughty hall or a simple portakabin. But without that physical space to call its own, many a community would simply disintegrate. 

Often these places are the glue that helps hold a community together. 

This is true of urban and rural Ireland, but especially true in more isolated rural areas where a focal point is necessary to deliver key services and bind communities. 

The Caha Centre is just such a focal point, in Adrigole, West Cork. Established in 2004, it serves adjacent communities in both Cork and Kerry, providing social supports and family-related services. 

The Centre runs groups for both men and women, after school activities for children, adult education services and offers parenting supports. 

In more recent years, the Centre has upgraded facilities - including the addition of an all weather pitch - and expanded services to meet growing needs.

This necessary expansion required funding and the Caha Centre approached Clann Credo for support. Following study and evaluation of the project, the enormous social benefit that was being delivered to the local community was obvious. 

Hard to put a price on, perhaps, but ‘invaluable’ comes close. 

Location: Adrigole, Co. Cork


"Often these places are the glue that helps hold a community together."