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Community loan for Brownstown Community Development

The Brownstown area has a strong tradition in sporting activities with an active hurling and camogie club.  It also has a strong drama club with over 120 members.  However until this year, the community was without a suitable community centre in which to host sports training and activities, meetings and drama productions.

With the co-operation and support of the hurling club, drama club and wider community the organisation developed a community centre to facilitate the needs of all the community. An application for grant funding was made to Westmeath Community Development which was successful.  The group also had a requirement for additional finance to complete the building and funds to cash flow the project.  Clann Credo provided funding for this purpose.

For the community this new building is situated beside our playing pitch all who come to play and watch local teams have a state of the art facility enhancing their enjoyment.

This year the drama had an increase of 50% in cast numbers and the attendance increased by over 100%, one of the reasons for this huge increase is that the group has a high quality venue in which to host events.

‘There are a wide range of new activities in the hall offering many opportunities for all ages in our area which has a clear benefit in nourishing a greater sense of community which became very evident with our recent effort to clean up the roadsides of the surrounding area.  We all feel that this building leaves a legacy for future generations and our wish is for all who live and visit are made welcome.’ Sean Rice, Committee Member Brownstown Community Development

‘The involvement of CCL was critical to the success of the project. It had proved impossible to fund this project until they came on board. We found them very understanding of our local needs and keen to push forward always in a positive manner.’ 

Location: Brownstown, Co. Westmeath