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Community loan for Brookpark Business Centre

West Cork is at the heart of a food and culinary revolution that has swept Ireland in recent years, one which has helped place the country at the cutting edge of high-quality food production, across the globe.

Across the region, dedicated artisan food outlets and producers are the engine of this culinary success, their emphasis on quality local produce and high standards the key to attracting visitors from across the world to its many shops, restaurants and hotels.

And at the beating heart of West Cork sits the town of Dunmanway. Not surprisingly, the food sector plays a key role in the local economy. However, while there may be no shortage of talent and enterprise, the town did lack for suitable facilities to help local businesses grow and develop.
Dunmanway Enterprise Network rose to the challenge and drew up a proposal for a dedicated enterprise centre that would house new start-ups in the food sector - helping them take their business to the next level - and act as a local hub for innovation in the sector.
The Enterprise Centre includes individual food processing and manufacturing units, along with separate office, meeting and storage space. It was constructed on a greenfield site, with land leased from Cork County Council, and received substantial funding from Cork County Council and Enterprise Ireland.
The Enterprise Centre is also focused on training, which is a key feature given that staff employed in the sector are required to undergo regular upskilling and refresher courses.
The Centre attracted strong interest from among local producers and start-ups in the area and the initiative was supported by Clann Credo, as it would clearly deliver a significant contribution to employment and enterprise in the area. 


Location: Clonakilty Road, Dunmanway, Co. Cork