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Community loan for Athboy Archery Club

Sport has a remarkable capacity to break down barriers and diminish the differences between people. As such it is powerful force for integration and inclusion.

These qualities are fully evident in the work of Athboy Archery Club, in County Meath.

Established in 2009, the club consciously uses the sport to involve sectors of the community that might often be excluded from such activity such as those with physical or intellectual disabilities or the elderly.

Their approach proved remarkably successful and the club grew to almost 60 full time members. However, lack of equipment and resources soon hampered the club’s future growth potential.

Support was sought from Clann Credo to enable the purchase of specialised archery equipment to help the Club operate to a more professional standard, participate in a greater number of events - local fairs and festivals - and attract new members from across the community.

Athboy Archery Club is now well-positioned to make a major, on-going contribution to the life of the community and help fashion a more inclusive environment for all. 

Location: Main St, Town Parks, Athboy, Co. Meath