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Community loan for Ashbourne Baseball Club

Sports infrastructure across the country has undergone a major transformation in recent years, with many local clubs and sporting associations – often supported by Clann Credo – making strategic investments in the development of training and playing facilities.
The result has been a dramatic upsurge in the numbers playing and participating, along with a significant growth in what were once considered minority or exotic sports.
Ashbourne is a not a town you would normally associate with baseball, given the royal county’s more obvious associations with Gaelic football. But for many of those who have taken up the sport in this country, the County Meath town is now something of a spiritual home for the development of baseball here.
Established in 2009, Ashbourne Baseball Club is now pre-eminent among clubs in Ireland, often hosting major national tournaments and fixtures. There are currently 13 adult teams playing baseball in Ireland, organised into two all-island leagues. There is also a national baseball team which represents the country at international tournaments, with considerable success.
With growing membership and ever increasing numbers seeking to play the game, Ashbourne Baseball Club wisely invested in improved facilities, including the development of a playing pitch capable of hosting international tournaments and games.
The ambitious plan attracted support from local and national funders and Clann Credo also provided assistance as the project.

Location: Ashbourne, Co. Meath