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Community loan for Abbey Arts & Cultural Centre

There is history attached to the Abbey Arts & Cultural Centre, in the town of Ballyshannon.
The very building, from which a hugely diverse programme of arts activities are overseen and ran, has been a location for cultural pursuits for over 50 years. In 1959, the current centre opened its doors as a cinema and continued in that role until the 1980s, when it was taken into the ownership of the Town Council.
It was fitting that the Abbey Arts and Cultural Centre was conceived and developed within this same physical space. Such was their success that, in 2005, the Centre was awarded Community Arts Status and it now functions as the Community Arts Centre for South Donegal, on behalf of Donegal County Council.
It serves a large and geographically diverse population across South and West Donegal, Leitrim, North Sligo, Fermanagh and into Tyrone. The centre operates a broad-based programme that encompasses local theatre, music and music education, comedy, visual arts and, of course, film. The facility contains three theatres, along with exhibition & gallery space.
It is no less than the beating artistic heart of southern Donegal and surrounding communities.
In order to keep pace with technology and improve the experience of users, the Centre decided to upgrade its audio systems and sought Clann Credo’s support for the initiative. Given its key role in the wider community and the role of the arts in enriching people’s lives, it was an initiative we were more than happy to support.

Location: Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal


"It is no less than the beating artistic heart of southern Donegal and surrounding communities."