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Town & Village Renewal Scheme 2020

In 2020, the Rural Development Investment Programme, including the Town and Village Renewal Scheme, is being tailored to address the emerging challenges associated with COVID-19. For the Town & Village Renewal Scheme this means:

A focus under the standard Town and Village Renewal Scheme on interventions that can respond to the new challenges associated with COVID-19 and support the economic and social recovery of our rural towns and villages;

The introduction of a new strand of the Town and Village Renewal Scheme for 2020 that focuses on immediate interventions that can be delivered in the short-term to assist towns and villages to adapt to COVID-19.

Examples of types of projects which can be supported : 

- Projects that can respond to COVID-19 challenges and aid the economic and social recovery over the medium term.

- The development of initiatives to encourage town centre living.

- Initiatives which attract increased footfall to the town/village, including those associated with tourism activities.

- Repurposing of existing buildings in town or village centres to facilitate remote working and/or other community use.
Under the 2020 scheme, up to 90% of the total cost for each approved project is provided by the department, with the remaining 10% being provided either through community contribution and/or the local authority.
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