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New Guidance Documents for Community-Led Housing Launched Today

Self Organised Architecture (SOA) has launched 5 guidance documents to help roadmap the path to a viable community-led housing sector in Ireland.
The OVERVIEW handbook provides an introduction and summary of the entire project, and is intended as a starting point to assist readers in identifying the sections you are interested in.  This handbook includes SOA’s ‘Master Roadmaps’, and profiles of the eight Irish Community-Led Housing groups who participated as stakeholders in the project. It summarises the project Recommendations, and proposes a description of Community-Led Housing for the Irish context, as a starting point for official recognition of this approach.
The subsequent four handbooks below focus on specific topics, and break down the information into digestible segments for various audiences - particularly community groups interested in creating their own community-led housing project.
You can download any or all of these documents from the SOA website HERE
"Community-Led Housing is an example of bottom-up, active citizenship at its best, with the potential to put the humanistic perspective of housing provision centre stage, with communities and citizens at the hear of neighbourhood development, embracing the idea of homes as a social good."  President Michael D. Higgins

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