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LEADER Programme 2014 - 2020 Case Studies from Ireland

The LEADER Programme is celebrating 30 years of supporting Irish rural communities and businesses in 2021 and the positive impact it has made is very evident in every corner of Ireland.
The LEADER 2014-2020 Programme is co-funded by both the European Commission and the Irish Exchequer.  It is one of the most important programmes for rural community projects in Ireland and Clann Credo has provided loan finance to countless community groups who have created local projects with huge positive impact.
The programme has supported projects across a range of diverse themes such as enterprise development, rural tourism, enhancement of rural towns, the provision of services targeted at hard to reach communities, and the rural environment.  
The programme provides support in all aspects of rural life, from business supports to rural youth programmes, biodiversity and renewable energy projects.
Find out more in this great collection of case studies compiled by the National Rural Network.
Download your copy of the booklet HERE

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