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Join the Clann Credo Sustainable Energy Community!

Be a part of the Clann Credo Sustainable Energy Community!
Clann Credo has joined together with Age Action and the Irish Social Finance Centre to create the Clann Credo Sustainable Energy Community with help and mentorship from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). Based on our shared values and goal to strengthen communities we are reaching out to the hundreds of community groups, sports clubs, charities and social enterprises we have worked with over the years.  We invite you to join us on this journey to reduce our energy use, save money and improve our communities.

What is a Sustainable Energy Community?
A Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) is one where people work together to develop and implement a sustainable energy plan for their community.  The network of SECs across Ireland is enabling communities to look at their energy use and learn from each other.  They are empowered to lead small to medium scale energy projects in their own communities.  You can find out more about sustainable energy communities on SEAI’s website here.

Dedicated Funding
Once we have identified the member’s energy use, we hope to be in a position to apply to the SEAI for dedicated SEAI funding. SEAI have asked that applications are made by the end of October. We will need your help if we are to meet that deadline. 

Building the Clann Credo SEC
By joining the Clann Credo SEC you will be connected with similar initiatives and community groups across the country who have common interests and who share the same values of social and community development.  You will learn about the types of energy solutions available and hear the experiences of communities who have conducted similar projects. Learning supports and energy experts will help you start thinking about energy use in your community in an informed way, and help you find out what funding might be available for you.

What’s next?
We are inviting interested organisations to complete a short survey which will help shape the Clann Credo SEC and identify the energy needs and consumption across the network. External consultants M.CO are working on behalf of Clann Credo to conduct this survey. Your feedback will help us, with our SEAI mentor, to identify opportunities for improvement and funding, so that we can work together to build a network where organisations can connect, share information, and support each other to make improvements. Whether you’re a low energy user or a high energy user, a community hall, sports club, or social housing coalition, you can become part of this SEC and reduce your energy use.
Our journey is just beginning. Let’s work together to save money, promote energy efficiency, and together we can contribute towards Ireland’s transition to a low carbon future.
Let’s get energy on the community agenda!  

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