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Clann Credo Hosts Online Event for Community Centres

On Tuesday 14th July at 7:30pm Clann Credo hosted an online event with almost 100 people from right around the country attending.  We had two presenters:
Tracey Hannon, Social Finance Regional Manager for Clann Credo in the West and North West hosted this session. She talked about what we’ve heard from communities at previous events and the supports we provide.  You can see her presentation HERE.
Liam Scollan – Consultant to NGOs, local authorities, and local development companies.
Liam has already worked with over 80 groups online, each trying to figure out what how to respond to the realities of a post Covid-19 world. He shared the experiences of these groups and provided a manual that he has compiled to help groups open facilities safely.  You can see Liam's presentation HERE and his Manual for Opening and Planning Operations HERE.
There were lots of questions from people attending!  While no one has all the answers, everyone agreed that Liam had a lot of them and also that there's nothing more creative than a group of people trying to find solutions to shared problems...
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