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Action Against Addiction North East Ltd

Beating an addiction to narcotics is just the start of the battle for some. Once they have quelled the addiction, they still face the struggle to rebuild their lives. 

And establishing a foothold in everyday society can be the toughest battle of all, particularly as many attempt this with little support. 

In the town of Drogheda, local businessman Billy Gavin saw how those who successfully complete treatment can quickly become ‘invisible’ and overlooked by service providers. 

In response, he established Action Against Addiction North East Ltd (AAANE), in September 2010. 

The overriding aim of the new body is to act as a bridge for the recovering addict, helping him or her to successfully negotiate a route back into employment and greater social participation. 

And rather than pointing people in the right direction, the plan was for AAANE itself to provide work opportunities in a fully-functioning social enterprise - employing the recovering addicts in a second hand clothes processing unit. 

Utilising a network of collection banks around Drogheda, the group would collect the donated clothes, sort them according to quality and package them for dispatch to larger enterprises that buy up supplies of second  hand clothing. 

The recovering addicts would receive ‘real time’ training in all aspects of running a business and learn, or relearn about the world of work. And crucially, they would also get the chance to earn a wage and begin to support and organise their own lives. 

Clann Credo agreed to support the AAANE project due to the strong social impact of its work, from the creation of up to 13 jobs, the training and upskilling of recovering addicts and the promotion of a local solution to a local problem.

Location: Drogheda, Co. Louth